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Wolt is deeply saddened by the actions of the Russian government in Ukraine, which are in clear violation of international law and against what Wolt stands for as a company. Our thoughts are with everyone who is touched by this conflict.

Thoughts and prayers are not enough for the people in Ukraine right now. Instead, we need action that provides help to the people most affected by the conflict.

For Wolt, this includes donating 1,000,000 euros to humanitarian relief organizations, as well as matching employee donations to relief organizations up to 500,000 euros.  We are using the reach we have to collect donations for international NGOs that are experts in providing humanitarian relief. These organizations include the International Committee of the Red Cross and Unicef. 

Here are some immediate actions we’re taking: 

– We are donating 1,000,000 euros to humanitarian relief organizations.

– We will match donations from Wolt employees of up to 500,000 euros. 

– On the Wolt App, we are collecting donations from our customers that go directly to the International Confederation of the Red Cross, Unicef and other NGOs.

– We are taking further steps to ensure that we are not doing business with any sanctioned parties. This means, for example, suspending our partnership with all restaurants and retail stores that are controlled or sponsored by the Russian government or state. 

– On Wolt Market, we are actively removing products that are made in Russia and/or have any ties to the Russian government or state. We will also ask all our merchant partners to consider removing products that are made in or sourced from Russia or are directly correlated with the Russian government from the Wolt platform. 

We continue to follow the situation closely and we are planning to help more. 

Wolt has many Russian and Ukrainian people as employees, customers and partners – they and people they love are unwillingly caught up in this war. It’s very important to note that the Russian government and its actions are not the same thing as all Russian people and what they think. So, we urge people to side with peace, freedom and respect for one another.

Please help if you can 

We’ve listed below different organizations that are helping the people in Ukraine.

– Unicef – children: https://www.unicef.org/ukraine/en/emergency-response-conflict-eastern-ukraine 

– International Committee of the Red Cross: https://www.icrc.org/en/where-we-work/europe-central-asia/ukraine 

– UNFPA (UN populations fund) – pregnant women and newborns: https://www.unfpa.org/ukraine-conflict 

– People in need: https://www.peopleinneed.net

NovaUkraine: https://novaukraine.org 

– Blue-yellow: https://www.blue-yellow.lt/en 

If you have any questions, or you can recommend more organizations, please reach out to us on responsibility@wolt.com (and please allow us a couple of days to reply). 

About Wolt

About Wolt
Wolt is a Helsinki-based technology company that makes it incredibly easy to discover and get the best restaurants, grocery stores and other local shops delivered to you. To enable this, Wolt develops a wide range of technologies from local logistics to retail software and financial solutions, as well as operates its own grocery stores under the brand Wolt Market.

Wolt was founded in 2014 and joined forces with DoorDash in 2022. DoorDash operates in 31 countries today, 27 of which are with the Wolt product and brand.

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